Education program

Art education is one of the principle pillars of the new Dundas West Museum. For over the past few years we have seen how students and teachers use the murals as an educative tool. The Murals set at the Museum tell stories of Culture, Heritage and History of the territory and the many societies that have passed through.

The “Three Sisters Mural” by Paula Tikay & Aner, in particular has been an attraction to students and historians that explore the history and teachings of the First Nations culture that inhabited the territory before the settlers.

Educative alliances have been sent forward with the Alexander Muir / Groove Junior and Senior Public School and the Shirley Street Junior Public School, to further assist students with Art education.

Anti-graffiti and mural workshops are also provided to the educational community in Dundas West, many local and international artists have had a chance to collaborate with the youth of the area. A creative exercise that we intend to continue to support.

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