Dundas Street West Open Air Museum Opening

You are invited to join the launch of a exciting new, community arts and tourist project supported by the Lula Music & Arts Centre and installed by the newly fusioned BIAS of Little Portugal and Dundas West BIA’s, in collaboration with the international Creativo Arts Collective, TDSB, Toronto based & international street artists , Toronto Arts Council, City of Toronto’s Economic Development department and StreetARToronto Program.

The public Museum initiative builds on mural art previously created in the Dundas West neighbourhood by both local BIAs, and by local and international street artists. These public art works have been included in many guided walking tours and help to promote sustainable and creative economic growth in the area. These works are part of the collection of the Dundas West Museum, an innovative open air street Museum on Dundas West. Spearheaded by the artists’ talent, the museum also has an online life through a website and a mobile app in development.  An extensive video library of the production of many of the murals will also be presented on the Museum’s Social media outlets.

Beautiful artworks and social engagement, were the result of the  project that engaged youth from communities within the Dundas West Area in educational and mural painting workshops at Alexander Muir Public School and at the Lula Music & Arts Centre.

The inauguration ceremony is presented by the Kontirennanoron traditional singers from the Six Nations territories. Along with the territorial aknowdledgemnets, these women will present songs that pay tribute the history of the space we know today as Toronto, a meeting place on Turtle Island, Canada.

We extend the invitation to the entire community to participate in our public inauguration and celebration of the vibrant creative neighbourhood of Dundas West next Thursday June 13 at 1532 Dundas St. West at 6 PM.

For more information email: art@dundaswest.museum  or call 647 65 6282


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