1532 Dundas St W
The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters – A tribute to the First Nations Communities in Ontario, is located just east of Dundas and Sheridan on the north side and depicts the teachings of The Three Sisters Narrative story.

This is the name given to three agricultural crops: maize, climbing beans, and squash, which were grown together, using an agricultural technique called companion planting. The Iroquois (among other indigenous people), showed settlers how to plant in order to subsist on the land.

The mural shows stylized portraits of three indigenous women each positioned beside one of the three crops. A medicine wheel is featured in the centre of the composition providing visual interest and a burst of warm colour in amongst the cool palette of blues, greens and browns.

The rationale of the Museum for depicting indigenous peoples in these murals was to show gratitude for allowing settlers to learn from them and live alongside them.

This message of gratitude resonates doubly in the context of Canada’s founding and Toronto’s amnesty for Chilean refugees during the seventies.

The production of the mural also included exchange with First nations educators from the local territory. This experience was most useful for the artists in the interpretation of the Mural art form.

Artwork Information
  • Title: Three Sisters – Tribute to the First Nations Communities in Ontario
  • Creation Date: June 2017
  • Address: 1532 Dundas Street West
  • Artists: Tikay & A_N_E_R


Tikay & @A_N_E_R

Paula Tikay is a Chilean artist of Mapuche descent based in Valparaiso, Chile. From an early age she was artistically influenced by her mother, an artist and midwife. Her time spent in the bohemian Barrio Yungay in Santiago, Chile and her growing involvement in activism led her to see the city streets as sites of expression. Her work often depicts large-scale portraits of indigenous women and girls, surrounded by elements of the natural world. She frequently collaborates on murals with the artist Aner, with whom she has created work across Latin America.

Tikay & @A_N_E_R

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