1357 Dundas St W
Portuguese Fisherman

This mural pays tribute to the Portuguese community of Toronto, depicting a traditional fisherman from the Nazaré region of Portugal.

He wears traditional clothing from the region, including a long, pointed cap, a brightly coloured shirt and a sash worn around his waist. In one hand he holds a length of rope and in the other a net. A fleet of fishing boats and the horizon of the open ocean can be seen behind him. The Portuguese community has been a longstanding and important presence in the Dundas West area, sometimes known as “Little Portugal.” Starting in the 1950s, large numbers of immigrants, many from the Azores and Madeira regions of Portugal settled on Dundas West.

Today it is estimated that there are over 480,000 people of Portuguese descent living in Canada. Many other regions of Toronto are also home to large Portuguese communities, and Portuguese residents and businesses continue to play a crucial role in the life of the Dundas West neighbourhood. PARA This mural was executed by Pablo Gomez and was produced by Rodrigo Ardiles. Its creation engaged students from Alexander Muir Public School and other community members, who took part in workshops led by artists from Valparaiso, Chile, as part of an ongoing artistic exchange between Valparaiso and Toronto.

Artwork Information
  • Title: Portuguese Fisherman – Tribute to Portuguese Community in Toronto
  • Creation Date: June 2018
  • Address: 1357 Dundas Street West
  • Artists: Pablo Gomez aka Pablo West


Pablo Gomez AKA Pablo West

Pablo Gomez AKA @PabloWesto is originally from Valparaiso, Chile. He is currently finishing his graduate studies at the DUOC. His recent international art creations include Brazil and Canada, leaving behind his creative mark in each community. He is part of the generation of street artists that have influenced styles and techniques in the Valparaiso region, which in itself is diverse in expression and presence.

Pablo Gomez AKA Pablo West

This artwork is proudly hosted by Extra Burger, Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group and the Women’s Life and Health Lifestyle Holistic Centre, 1357 Dundas St. West.

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