Museum Launch

1532 Dundas St West

13th June 2019

Omni TV Museum Report

Anabela Taborda from Little Portugal BIA and Cultural Agent Rodrigo Ardiles talk about the Dundas West Open Air Museum

1357 Dundas St W

Portuguese Fisherman

Pablo Gomez (2018)

Welcome to the Dundas West Museum, a public collection of Street Art showcasing local and international artists.

Located in the heart of Toronto, the DWM is articulated as a direct result of the Creative Economy that has revitalized the west end strip from Shaw St. over to Landsdowne Avenue.

It is an Artist driven initiative, that pays tribute to the many cultural expressions present on Dundas West area.

We invite you to explore, learn and enjoy our public circuit of Street Art Murals.

Feel feel to request your own personal tour at: tours@dundaswest.museum

1547 Dundas St W

Dundas West

Jose Ortega (2013)

1615 Dundas St. W

Violeta’s Garden

Tikay & Aner (2017)

1357 Dundas St W

Portuguese Fisherman

Pablo Gomez (2018)

1532 Dundas St. W

Three Sisters

Tikay & Aner (2017)

1533 Dundas St W

City of Music

Jieun June Kim (2017)